slim made – not for weight lifters!

slimplify yourself with a slim watch!

So how is your slim watch supposed to help you here? A legitimate question!

Of course, having a slim exterior is only being slim on the surface and only a tiny part of the slim concept.
It is much more an attitude to life.

Did you ever go on a trip and packed way too much stuff? Did you find yourself with your fat suitcase standing in the lobby and did not even fit inside the elevator?

Isn’t it much nicer to travel light? Just with a backpack. Only carrying the things you really need – basically some underwear and a toothbrush. It makes you so free and flexible, doesn’t it? It makes you feel so alive.

So you already know the feeling of being slim!

Do you remember the last time you moved?

All this stuff that you collected and haven’t used for ages. You chucked it all in the bin or gave it to wellfare. Isn’t it just awesome to tidy up and to get rid of the overload?

How about a mind-set shift and not piling up tons of things again. Let’s focus on a few good things. The best thing about having less is that the items you really like finally get the place they deserve.

Say yes to less!

And that’s exactly what slim made is all about:
A light, beautifully made slim watch with high quality material and technology; a minimalistic design for your wrist that will inspire you to take every moment as it comes. Nothing thick and chunky that is getting caught on everything, and nothing heavy weighing your arm down. No overdesigned, complicated timepiece, and definitely no junk that will break in a couple of years.

Simply a very very cool thin watch that makes you light-footed, agile, and smooth.


So guys: Don’t be weight lifters – be slim!!

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